Board of Directors

For Area 2 Special Olympics, it is important for our coaches and volunteers to connect on a personal level with not only the athletes, but their parents and caregivers as well.  Many of the Board Members you see below, you will often find at practices and events throughout the year.  What a better way for us to make decisions on behalf of our athletes, then to be personally involved!!

Area 2 Coordinator - Kami Lannetti
Area 2 Vice Chairperson - James Farr

Area 2 Secretary - Kami Lannetti
Area 2 Treasurer - Susan Collins
Area 2 Fund Raising Coordinator Diane Crawford

Area 2 Volunteer/Sports Coordinator - Vacant

Area 2 Games Coordinator - Vacant

Area 2 Volunteer Training Coordinator - Vacant

Area 2 WebmasterJerry Salvato

Area 2 Athlete Representative - Vacant

Member at Large - Robert S. Miller III
 Member at Large - Christopher Steele
Chesapeake CoordinatorJames Farr

Norfolk Coordinator - Mike Beaver

Portsmouth Coordinator - Satie Basdeo

Virginia Beach Coordinator - Jim Boyd

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