Athlete / Partner / and Volunteer Forms
All Athletes, Coaches, Volunteers, Family Members, Staff Members
MUST Complete and return this form to your coach before you can
attend any event.

Volunteer Forms

Class A Adult Form (18+years) Dated May 2021

Class A Minor Form (Under 17yrs) Dated May 2021

COVID Release Form

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Class A Adult form Application Process must be completed by Coaches, Partners, Council Members, Chaperones, Mentors and Drivers.

Athlete Forms
Dated 15 May 2017

Athlete Eligibility

Athlete Participation, Release and COVID Waver Form Dated March 2021

Athlete / Unified Partner Code of Conduct

Coaches Forms

Coaches Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Report Form

Incident Report

Certification Process

NFHS Concussion in Sports Training

General Orientation for Coaches & Volunteers

Once Volunteer or Athlete Forms are completed, please return them to the coach.

 Area 2 Special Olympics
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